We believe in

closer friendships.

Because when friendship is close enough, you grow. Together. So, we craft plantswear to bring your green friend more enlightenment. And at the same time, it encourages your self-expression too. So, you go higher. Both of you.

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All our plantswear
are handmade
in the Netherlands 

Together with our carefully chosen partners we craft the plantswear all by hand. 

We're in love
with Earth

So that’s why we have chosen to settle our production lines close to home. That means, no extra planes or ships are needed to produce our plantswear. Pretty pleasant, right?


Founder Freek

Baski is all about loving your plants. In 2019, Freek was searching for something to emphasize his own green friends. And started to create plantswear.  


Plantswear by Baski